You will have access to all advantages of a little company, which offering you a big network. We have developped a worldwide network with more than 150 agents, covering all continents, and allowing us to find any personnal solution, for any destination.
These agents has been chosen for their operating effectiveness, their quality services and certifications. (Dangerous goods, biological, medical samples etc).
Over the years, we had negociated attrative cost with airlines companies.
Roissy CDG airport, allowing us to have competitive and direct cost with Airlines compagnies. We had build a relationship of trust and comradery with them.

Concerning France and Europe, we have a panel of driver available and ready to go, anywhere, at anytime. You will have the choice between flexibility with a French driver or gain cost with a Foreign driver.

We will always find you the better option.

Do not hesitate to contact us, a dedicate commercial will be at your disposal to answer to all your question. Please feel free to contact us : Business@bslogistics.com. We will answer you under 30 minutes.