One of our speciality : HAND CARRY or called ON BOARD COURIER. BSL can provide you the most speedy and dependable delivery worldwide. What ever the destination, we have an agent’s list, ready to take off for delivery by their own hand your shipment.
This service consist of assign someone on the next flight out and deliver it by hand to the final person. Your goods are embarked on a scheduled flight despite short embarkation time, check-in and transfer times are the shortest. No transfer, no hub, no re-routing and a minimal amount of hands that get hold of your parcel, guaranteeing that your package will make it to its final destination. You can either pick up the parcel at the destination center or we arrange for delivery to your location.
We always choose the best option to ensure you the best hand carry services for your special needs. That is why we guarantee the delivery with the most dedicated service you need, on time, on a date and hours fixed, with a personnal tracking.

More than 15 hand carry per month.


Do not hesitate to contact us, a dedicate commercial will be at your disposal to answer to all your question.
Please feel free to contact us , We will answer you under 30 minutes.